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Originally called as United States Postal Service, Us Postal Service was created in the year 1971 under the Postal Reorganization Act so as to provide postal facilities to the people of US. An independent agency, US postal service is basically is a postal service department for the people of US. Before in the year 1775, at the time of the Second Continental Congress its foundation was already build. Benjamin Franklin became the first postmaster general of the country and the US Postal Service Customer Service also has been provided for the customers.

About US Postal Service Phone Number

The postal service helped in an instant, affordable, efficient way of communicating to people by delivering safe and secure mails as well as parcels from person to person and from one place to another which overall resulted in the development of the country and to reduce the complexity of service, USPS has given the US Postal Service Customer Service option to ask about customer’s queries for their packages & delivery as well as user can contact to USPS representative on US Postal Service phone number for their shipment details.

US Postal Customer Service Phone Number

It has numerous offices throughout the nation and on the other hand it has made very easy for the people to send their mails from different areas of the world. The agency has its main office in the city of Washington DC. After the Federal Government and the Wal-Mart, US postal service is ranked at the third position amongst the largest employer in the country. It also offer the facility of tracking articles during the transit process and it also gives opportunity to make approx of the time and location of the articles made. US Postal Service Customer Service can be reached on a Postal Service Customer Service Phone Number. The representative ensures to provide quality services by providing assistance and support to the people in any of their issues. US Postal Service customer service phone number is a dynamic number which is active all day long with the representatives available 24/7 for the customers.

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