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Hotmail is used by various users due to features that build in with it. Recently, Microsoft has updated Hotmail with many new features and thus Hotmail gained the popularity again. These features includes more storage space, bigger attachment size, editing and sharing online documents better accessibility from mobile and much more & if any user is having some issues with their Hotmail account then can get Hotmail customer service anytime 24/7 help.

Some New Added features of Hotmail:
  • Hotmail is now more secure with the new HTTPS connectivity for login , sending and receiving of emails.
  • Just send any kind of MS Office document to yourself on your Hotmail account and now you can open, view, edit and share it any time and from anywhere. User doesn't need to carry his own system with him always.
  • Document collaboration is an important feature where more than one user can work on the same document , saved in the cloud or SkyDrive. User can clearly see how many people are working on the document and what changes have been made.
  • Easy view to any received videos.
  • Easy configuration to various smart mobiles.
  • Many others.

If there is some establishment problem in your Hotmai account while using these new added features then contact to Hotmail customer service instantly and get the solution online.

Hotmail Technical Support

While using these features, user may get any technical problem or query. Some of the queries are not so important but some of the issues need to be resolved immediately. When any technical issue arises, user need a strong Hotmail technical support for that.

Few common problems that can be solve by Hotmail Technical Support are:
  • User may not be able to login. May be the password is lost or the account is blocked or hacked.
  • There may be problem in understanding the working of new features in the Hotmail.
  • May be there is a problem in sending or receiving the eamils with larger attachment size.
  • The attachments may not be able to open.
  • Problem in configuration of account on mobile device.
  • Emails or contacts deleted accidentally.
  • Server problem
  • How to create filters and rules for emails to manage them properly.
  • Many other kind of issues that may arise and need instant help.

Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number

Searching over internet cannot provide exact solution and it is very time consuming. So the best way to get the technical help is to call at the Hotmail customer service phone number. The technicians here are always on the line to provide any kind of technical help. User can get best Hotmail customer service from the expert qualified and experienced technicians. The most advanced techniques are used to resolve the issues in a very effective way.

From the executives at Hotmail customer support, user can get:

  • 24/7 immediate tech support from experts.
  • Advanced problem solving techniques
  • 100 % customer satisfaction

Get the best out of all new Hotmail and call at the Hotmail customer service phone number to get instant tech support anywhere and any time.


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