How to Configure your MSN account on iPhone

Configure MSN Account on iPhone

MSN email account is so impressive and effective email service in respective to provide extremely amazing feature associated with the Microsoft Corporation. If you wish to access MSN web mail account then you should have correct email ID and password.

Here we go with the requisite guide to help you to configure MSN account on iPhone and perform all the instructions very easily as mentioned below:

Step 1: On your main iPhone screen select "Settings icon" & select Mail, Contacts & Calendars

Step 2: Under Accounts select "Add Account"

Step 3: Don’t choose Microsoft exchange unless you are setting up a work account. Now Select "Other"

Step 4: On the New Account Screen enter your actual name, like Belery Matt

Enter your full email address

Enter your Password (to your msn email account)

Enter a Description (just a common name for the account like MSN or accept the default with is your email address)

Step 6: It takes you to a screen that warns you that you need to have a MSN premium subscription now select next (top right blue button) and you will connect to the server.

Step7: After that you will get a popup error message "Cannot connect using SSL do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?) Yes or No this message will show you, then Select NO.

Step 8: Finally you get to the actual account screen that you need to edit.


Name: Belery Matt (note: enter your own name)

Address: (note: enter your full MSN email address this time)

Description: MSN

Incoming Mail Server:

Host Name: (this is critical. change to live vs email.msn)

User Name: (note: enter your full MSN email address)

Password: password (enter your MSN password) 

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Host Name:

User Name: (note: enter your full MSN email address)

Password: password (note: enter your MSN password)

Step 9:

You should be on the Mail, contacts, calendar and select "accounts" go to your msn account

Scroll way down to the bottom. Red button appears with advance options

Advanced Settings:

Incoming Uses SSL: On

Outgoing Uses SSL: On

Authentication: Password

Delete from Server: When removed from Inbox (or your preferred option)

Server Port should be 995

Now your MSN account has been configured on iPhone successfully. However, if you confront with any other technical trouble shootings steps or problem then call us immediately on our MSN customer service number. But unfortunately in case you forgot the password or hacked your MSN email account password, you can reset it once again by getting help of MSN technical support number that will access tech support engineer who will suggest you number of unique methods to reset your MSN email account.

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