Bank of America Helpline Number


Are you wrecking your brain nerves over your stolen or lost debit card of Bank of America? Well, you have a choice, either ring up at Bank of America Helpline Number, or read on. The good news is that it is fairly simple to cancel or replace it. The best part is that Bank of America makes way for a temporary card while you hold your horses for a brand new debit card.

Bank of America Toll Free Number

Many times we face unpleasant situation when our debit card or credit card lost so in this case try to contact your Bank of America toll free number or visit your nearest branch and follow the further process to get new debit card as mentioned below.

Things to do when you lose your Debit Card

Steps to Swiftly Replace your Debit card:

  • Drive to your nearest Bank of America branch, and don’t leave your driving license at home.
  • Get to the new accounts department.
  • Explain to them how you lost your debit card.
  • Give them your driving license for identification purpose.
  • Your old card will be cancelled with immediate effect.
  • You will be given a temporary card for a good 30 days.
  • Visit the bank’s ATM machine and get your temporary card activated. It must be noted that your temporary card will have the same PIN as your old card.
  • Within 30 days, you will receive the new debit card via mail.

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In Case if Your Card was Stolen contact Bank of America Help Phone Number

If you are speculating that your card was stolen, or someone else is misusing it, then don’t hold your horses and dial up at the Bank of America help phone number. If you have the option of online banking, then report it online. If you intimate the bank regarding your stolen card within 2 days, your incurred losses will be narrowed to $50. If done within 60 days, then the numbers will shoot up to $500. But any delay must be avoided at any cost.

Bank of America Helpline Phone Number

Also, if you notice something fishy about your incurred debit charge on a statement, then report the bank within 60 days or contact on Bank of America Helpline phone number. You will be provided with a form to fill, mentioning that you did not have anything to do with those charges. So, by this way issues will get resolved by Bank of America Helpline Number.

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