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Coolest and one of the most powerful mobile operating system is Android. Now the considering thing is the only tough competitor of iOS is Android. Before it there was no mobile OS that could fight with the flexibility between text, calls and online usage/data usage features that provided by iOS. Many smart phone users prefer Android over iOS and now in the present scenario millions of smart phone users are using the Android OS. But all of them aren’t satisfied with the android features because they’re facing some problems while using their Android smart phones and some of them need assistance for these issues of their Android phones.

About Upcoming Android Update:

There are several features that Android is going to update to provide feasibility of computer services on Android phones. This is about the latest update that the users will see very soon i.e.

"Android phone users will see two new features for their Gmail account very soon. The most recent upgrade for the email uses is as of now taking off, which includes support for Rich Text Formatting choices alongside an approach to rapidly respond to calendar invites.

The overhaul will permit the users to change text inside the application with bold, italic, underlined, colored and highlighted alternatives. Moreover, Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange users can basically respond to invitations with only one tap on the application without opening a different application. The update ought to be accessible for all Gmail Android users soon from the Google Play Store."

After that update the many users may face some issues or having the questions and queries about Android OS and their updates. Get answers to your questions about android only from our Android customer service. Dial our helpline number globally recognized as the Android customer service phone number.

Android Customer Support

By dialing our Android customer support phone number get solutions for your Android related problems and get rid of Mobile OS problems. Shortcut to solve mobile OS problems is this contact our customer care.

Android Technical Support

We’re a unit of mobile OS troubleshooting engineers. We’ve had the relevant experience and certifications to serve online and telephone assistance. You can contact us any time to troubleshoot your Android mobile issues. We’re able to solve your doubts and your questions about Android. Our engineers have the tools, software and techniques to solve all your problems with Android OS. Report a complaint to our Android customer service by dial our Android technical support phone number about your Smartphone or your android app.Our qualified engineers are able to fix the problems with email or other issues on Android devices.

Contact our engineers if you want a timely resolution of these disputes:

  • 3G problem Android 4.4.2 lock screen
  • Contact List is not Updating
  • File transfer Issue

Fix the File Transfer Issue from Android Phone to MacBook:

  1. If previous one is not working then try another USB cable
  2. Connect your android phone to a different PC and check the mini USB port on your Android phone.
  3. Connect other Android device to the computer and check the USB port of the computer.
  4. Turn on USB debugging and select the mode Media device (MTP) on your Android device.
  5. Now fix the issues that may be with your MAC computer.
  6. To transfer a file from android to MacBook, OS X 10.5 or later and Android 3.0 or later are required.
  7. Now Restart your MacBook & ensure that the Android File Transfer Application is opened.
  8. If the problem still exists then try to update your Android operating system to the latest version available.
  9. After that reboot your Android phone.

Android Customer Service Phone Number

Other issues with your email account on android are also fixed here. Contact our intelligent engineers if your browser or app is not working on your Android phone. Get solutions from us for these issues:

  • Chrome not working on Android
  • How to do a factory reset on your android

All in one mobile OS helpline number is our Android customer service phone number. Dial the number now for any help regarding your android phone.

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